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  • The day I decided to take action

    14. Aug 2019 by

    Back from my solo trip in Berlin, I find myself anguished about the next step: darn it, I don’t have any more planned holidays or projects to help me navigate through the daily routine of my office job. There is only one thing left for me to do: (re)take the time to think about my personal… Read more

  • 7 Raisons de voyager en solo

    13. Nov 2019 by

    Voyager seule pour la première fois a été une expérience effrayante et changeante pour moi. Tu explores tout simplement des parties de toi dont tu ne connaissais même pas l’existence. C’est quelque chose qui te fait évoluer de façon indescriptible. Nous avons la chance de vivre à une époque où l’on peut facilement traverser les… Read more

  • What should you do when the situation is out of control?

    12. Nov 2019 by

    I believe that everyone is the captain of his or her life. Unfortunately, there are times when you are not in control all of the events that are occurring anymore. This could be so frustrating especially when you are doing your best to improve and get things done. I feel you but don’t worry there… Read more

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