Steps to trust yourself create

7 Steps to trust yourself

We call it self trust, self confidence. It refers to this feature that some people have which seems to make them look fearless and unstoppable. I think we are all afraid of some things. One of them being failure. So here are 7 steps you could take to build self trust.

1. Start with baby steps

The bigger the mountain the higher the fear of falling. That is why you should take baby steps to start trusting yourself. Set goals that you can reach in a reasonable amount of time to serve your biggest purpose. Make sure you divide them in small steps. It will help you stay consistent and motivated.

2. Pep talks

Just like a superfan or supporter, you should encourage yourself with pep talks and positive assertions like “I am capable and can do whatever I want”. Ban the “I can’t do this”, “I am not good enough to…” from your vocabulary. Your are the principal character of your life and have what it takes to make it.

3. Celebrate quick wins

You might already be half the way through and not even noticing it. Celebrate quick wins and the steps that you have passed. You are growing everyday. Like a seed, you need self love, appreciation to become a majestuous tree one day. You did good so far, so let yourself know it and be thankful.

4. Keep challenging yourself

To trust yourself, don’t rest on your laurels. One win is always good. But now that you know how to do it, you could set the bar a little bit higher next time. Just like any athlete would not stop after beating his best sprint score, you don’t know your limit yet and can push every time further and harder. Besides, when things are too easy for you, it doesn’t help with your trust because you might think that anybody could have done it. The thing is you are not just anybody. You are special and limitless when you want to.

5.Build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses

You are good at some things and can improve the areas of your life that need work. Both aspects are important and have to be valued. You will build self confidence by working on your weaknesses and filling the gaps. Meanwhile, being aware of your strengths will allow you to create the positive mindset you need to achieve your goals.

6.Enjoy the journey

Each step along the way is crucial. The risk if you wait until the end of your journey to enjoy is to never be satisfied in the end. So don’t wait for the finish line to celebrate. Life is a marathon not a sprint. It doesn’t matter how long it took for you to get there, what matters is that you did it with consistency and trusted the process.

7. Keep the balance

You should learn when to push but also when to relax. Take some time off of work and projects when necessary. Always keep doing activities that help you relax and release the pressure such as sport, watching your favorite show or going out with friends. Keeping the balance is going to help you hold the distance.

I wish you fun and excitement on your journey to self trust. You are one of the braves who don’t believe in “maybes” and take matters into their own hands.

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