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20 Lessons I have learned in my early 20s

Turning 25 is a big step in one’s life. You realize that you are not in your early 20s anymore and are slowly approaching your 30s. It is also a time to reflect on the mistakes you did in your past or what you wished you knew. Here are the 20 lessons I have learned in my early 20s.

1. Some friendships come to an end

I used to think that friendships last forever. And it can sometimes be the case. But when you are in your early 20s and just starting to figure out what you want to do in your life, and your friends do the same, you might choose different directions. There is actually nothing wrong with that. People change and evolve. Even if you feel sad at the beginning, you will see it was for the best.

2. You will change your mind more than once

When you are young you think you will never change your mind about certain things that you hate or love. But you will mature and change your opinions about many subjects in the future.

3. Life is not all about school

You are certainly in college and working hard to get the best grades. Once you graduate, you will realize that life is not all about school. Indeed, there are certain set of valuable skills that are not taught in school and that only life and people can teach you.

4. Life gives back to the bravest

People who take risks often fail multiple times until they succeed. Indeed, life gives back to the ones that are eager to learn, improve themselves and willing to do what it takes.

5. There is no such a thing as luck

I have learned that no matter what your current goal is you have to work for it. Luck or coincidence don’t apply. All is due to your patience and ability to cease the right opportunities.

6. The present is all you got

Enjoy the present moment. You might think of where you want to be in 5 or 10 years but it actually doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying the process. You should appreciate the time spent with family and friends while you have no responsibilities or few.

7. Your 20s are made to try and fail

Since you don’t have big responsibilities in your 20s yet, failing is not an issue. Indeed, the consequences will be minimal and you will be quickly able to get back on your feet. So take that chance to try as many things as possible.

8. Trying to please others is not worth it

Firstly because you will never be able to. You will get criticism from one or another person. So why not just do you? The person you should focus on and make happy is you.

9. You don’t know what you really need

You thought you found your dream job until it wasn’t anymore. Or, you enjoyed playing a sport until you did not like it that much. The point is you don’t really know what you want because the person you are now is meant to evolve. So relax and let it go.

10. Be reckless now, it won’t last

You should be bold, even opinionated sometimes because you are at the right age to do it. Once life and adulthood take hold on you, it might be more difficult to try crazy things. Use your youth to embrace new challenges and be creative.

11. Your body, soul and mind are your biggest assets

Take care of them, one can do nothing without health, passion. Your brain is more powerful than you think. Invest in yourself early on, that is the best you can do.

12. Others’ opinions should not matter

Especially when it comes from people who never try anything new and stay in their comfort zone. They will tell you it is too risky, that you will fail etc. Learn when to listen and when not to care and build your own point of view.

13. The only person who will always be there for you is you

Be your own best friend, as I wrote in another post. You are the only one who can build the life you want. Always remember that.

14. Youth is only a mindset

Aging is physically inevitable. But one thing that can stay forever young is your mindset. So you decide when to have fun, when to work or take the next step in your life.

15. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing

When you are young, you might be impulsive at times. You are so passionate about everything that you tend not to take a step back and reflect before speaking or reacting. Then, you realize later on that it wasn’t that big of a deal and you should not have given that much energy to the situation or person.

16. Being different scares others

If you have ever been qualified as a weirdo because you often think differently, take it as a compliment. Indeed, it shows that you are someone who thinks by himself and are not conventional in the way that society wants you to be. That will be of great support to you to make life changing decisions.

17. The best decisions are made out of reason not emotion (fear, anger)

Indeed, when you base your decisions on facts rather than emotions, the results you get are more efficient. You will have to put your ego aside from time to time, but you will learn and grow by doing it.

18. It is okay to ask for help

In your early 20s, it will be hard to admit that you don’t know everything. Don’t hesitate to seek support and advice from the right people. It is actually a sign of maturity and it will save you time.

19. You already have the answers

You think way too complicated when the answers are just under your nose. Also, one thing you need is to pause and focus on yourself, because the solution to your problems comes from within.

20. You can’t buy time

Use your time wisely and spend it on the essential. It is the most precious resource that money can’t buy. Take action! Thinking too much is not always a good idea. You might have the feeling that you are sparing some time but it is actually counter productive.

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