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The day I decided to take action

Back from my solo trip in Berlin, I find myself anguished about the next step: darn it, I don’t have any more planned holidays or projects to help me navigate through the daily routine of my office job. There is only one thing left for me to do: (re)take the time to think about my personal development.

Photo de Tirachard Kumtanom sur Pexels.com

So…where to start? What do you want/fear the most? If you had no physical and financial constraints, what would you do right now?

Many of us from the generation Y and Z – but not only – are regularly confronted with this type of questioning. Unfortunately and very often, we bury our doubts in an almost inaccessible corner of our subconscious and then, decide to continue dragging our feet into a boring and senseless life. Okay, my work isn’t as challenging or interesting as I’d like it to be, but everybody’s is, right? You have to pay your bills anyway to survive! Also, I am not to be pitied: “there is always worse!”

I went to college and got a degree. I am currently working in a renowned company in which I will have the opportunity to pursue a career. What more could people want?

Well, people want much more! Purpose, passion, commitment, acknowledgment, challenges…If only we had the courage to admit it.

No more pretending: today is the first day of the rest of my life. I will work towards finding a meaning in what I do, facing my fears – because in the end, who can boast of having lived without even having once taken the risk of following his/her intuition?

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