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On valuing your time

Time is a rare resource or we think it is. We often complain about being “too busy” to do all the things that we want. But the truth is you should value your time and define your priorities.

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Indeed, if you are someone punctual you know how it feels to always have to wait for people who are late most of the time. If you never said anything because you don’t want to be rude, maybe you should speak up.

Of course, be gentle and simply explain to that specific person that you made time to see her, maybe even clear your schedule. So the least she could do is to respect the rendez-vous so that you could both enjoy the limited time that you have to spend together. There could be some unexpected events that made being on time difficult, but let be honest, if this happens on a regular basis, then it is just a habit.

And by doing that, you are not too picky you just set your standards and make people see that you value your time. Boundaries are healthy when they come from a peaceful and understandable place. So you should not be shy about it. If this person appreciates you, she will make an effort.

On the other hand, you should value other people’s time too by reciprocating their effort. Don’t take it for granted. You need to live in the moment and actively enjoy it, especially with the people you care about.

Procrastinating is also your worst enemy when it comes to having things done. So make a conscious attempt not to snooze your alarm every morning and push yourself to act when you have the time rather than postponing.

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Set your priorities. You only have 24 hours a day and can’t possibly say yes to everything. Therefore, manage your time accordingly and be realistic. I don’t think “being busy” is an excuse enough. In fact, we often feel that way when the time we had wasn’t allocated correctly from the beginning. So, start all over again if needed and use a schedule that you can adapt easily on your phone for example.

Time seems rare when one does not do what he or she is supposed to with it. We only live once right? So let’s take the chance to make the best out of life while we still can. I can guarantee you it is never to late to change a habit.

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3 thoughts on “On valuing your time”

  1. Good post… To your point, it’s important to prioritize because everything you do can’t be on the same level priority wise daily…


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