2020 here I come!

So there are only 30 days left before 2020. Are you ready for this? Because I am! Let’s make 2020 our year, shall we? Here is what I want you to remember while jumping into next year:

You actually don’t have to wait to start working on your goals.

I am not a fan of new year’s resolutions because it seems artificial and most of the time people feel entitled to set resolutions even though they already know deep down that they are not going to stick to them. Instead, as soon as you know what you want, start working on it no matter the time of the year.

2020 here I come
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Every little step counts.

It is your consistency that is going to make the difference during the year. One missed step will not set you for failure, it is your ability to get back at it the next day that will set you for success.

Be thankful for what you’ve already achieved this year.

Instead of focusing on the things you did not manage to do, take your personal achievements off your bucket list and carry on your effort.

Focus on the easy and quick actions that you could take on a daily basis.

You do not need big and impressive moves to make a change in your life. Patience is going to be key. Know that you are already building up the life you deserve.

Take care of your body and mind and nurture them with positive thoughts.

What you say and think of yourself reflect on your actions and on the way people are going to treat you. You can start thinking positively right now. Be proud of yourself because regardless of your imperfections you are becoming a better person every single day.

Remember you are not alone in this.

Sometimes you may feel like you don’t have enough support which can be true. But if anything I am counting on you, I believe that you can do it and so should you!

Focus on the present, there is no finish line.

Enjoy the journey and find joy in the smallest and almost unremarkable achievements.

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