5 Reasons to go trekking in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in South East Asia composed of several islands with many volcanoes. Some of them are still in activity and their sites are opened to visitors. If you ever thought of going on a trek, Indonesia and specifically the region of Java would be a great opportunity for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should go trekking in Indonesia.

1. Beauty of the landscapes of Indonesia

Going on the edge of a volcano at 5 in the morning, seeing the smoke spreading into the air and mixing with the few clouds. One doesn’t experience this very often. Bromo Mountain was such an amazing adventure. I never woke up that early to do anything like that really. I did not even know that I could. And believe me, you will not regret going out of your bed. These are the kind of memories and landscapes that you want to have pictures from.

For the most courageous ones, there is also the Kawah Ijen, higher and with more climb. It culminates at 1,559 m. It is known to contain the largest acid lake in the world. You could go their with a group and a guide very early in the morning or late in the night to get to the top before sunrise. The Kawah Ijen’s ascent takes 3 hours maximum to complete depending on the group’s speed. It is a more challenging ascent but on the top you get to see this unique blue crater fire because of the acid lake.

Besides, the volcanoes, you could book a 4×4 to visit the area. Rice fields, traditional temples and their history await you. Give yourself time to breath some fresh air and admire the quietness. Just for a few minutes time seems to have stopped and you will even wonder if you did not travel back to an ancient age. I just enjoyed being connected to the nature all the way through my journey in Indonesia.

2. Beginner friendly trekking

If you do sport only once in a while like me, trekking can sound intimidating. But I do really enjoy walking. You will definitely appreciate the view and as for any sport after doing it you feel better and proud of yourself. Bromo Mountain was very accessible for any age and physical level. The tours are well organised and you could directly book one from your hotel. My advice would be to simply take your rainy jacket and trekking shoes with you and do it. What I enjoy about trekking is the amount of effort and discipline that you need. You do it with a group of people with the same interest and you keep one another motivated. It is hence a special feeling to finally get to the top of a mountain and finally be able to say “I did it”. You might be exhausted but once you get there you’ll forget about all the pain because it was definitely worth it.

3. Challenge yourself

We all need once in a while a self confidence boost. To me there is no better way to achieve it but by challenging yourself. Trekking might be a first to you. And when you don’t define yourself as adventurous it is truly pushing you out of your comfort zone. That is indeed the whole point: being comfortable doing uncomfortable things. Learn how to trust yourself. Right now, I am sure you are not even using half of your potential on a daily basis. Fear isn’t something we should stop. It is meant to protect us and is part of the human primary instincts. Nonetheless, you should learn not to listen to your prejudice and try before judging or doubting yourself. Also, make it a habit to deal with your lack of confidence by doing the things that scare you the most. Trust me, it will change you forever and for the best.

4. Break with the routine

Since you are not a robot, you can’t possibly be happy living the exact same things every day. One should spice it up sometimes. And doing this trek in Indonesia is a brilliant way to do so. As said, going out of your comfort zone, is required in order to grow and discover who you truly are. We are prone to complain about life being boring and repetitive. However it is up to us to do things differently and take another path. Going somewhere you have never been to, taking a course that you always wanted to try will not only give you a sense of purpose and achievement but also contribute to your happiness and well-being as whole.

5. Start or continue a healthier lifestyle

To live a happy and fulfilled life you need to take care of your body too. This journey might help trigger the lifestyle’s changes that you have been dreaming of. A few months ago it might have felt impossible to you, but here you are buying your flying ticket and preparing your itinerary. Then D-day comes and even if you had prepared yourself mentally, you could not imagine what was going to happen. I tend to say that one waits for his or her life to change when in reality it is life that is waiting for them to change. The small experiences and risks are the most valuable ones in life because we use to underestimate their impact.

Now, your ideas on how to achieve this new lifestyle become clearer. You know that you can be sporty, eat healthy, wake up early and do what you say you would. So why not keep that in mind once you get back home and, little by little become the best version of yourself. So, if this idea of going trekking in Indonesia sounds crazy to you, then go for it!

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