5 Tips to deal with hypersensitivity

The definition of hypersensitivity that can be found on the Internet is rather vague: extreme or exaggerated sensitivity. In medicine, hypersensitivity is used to characterize an excessive sensitivity to an external factor or agent that may result in an allergy, among other things.

Thus, a hypersensitive person would be someone who has disproportionate emotional but also physical reactions to the situation lived. Alright…but it doesn’t help us much. In addition, it means that these reactions are painful for the person in question and do not depend directly on her will. They are therefore difficult to explain or control.

You tend to feel things intensely. You are easily affected by your immediate environment. What others think of you is so important that you often try to satisfy everyone. Maybe you’re hypersensitive? If you think it might be the case, here are 5 tips to help you manage your hypersensitivity.

1. Put your feelings into words

This is probably the most important and difficult step. Putting your feelings into words is tricky because you don’t necessarily want to be labelled as hypersensitive. This trait sounds more like a weakness than an asset. However, your opinion on this may well change if you allow yourself to name and describe your emotions. So I suggest you take a sheet of paper and a pen when you are frustrated by something or someone and write down what goes through your head. This may be about the feelings that the situation caused in your body and head, how you would have wished to react, what hurted you in particular, etc. You don’t have to make sentences. They may simply be words or expressions. Besides, it will allow you to step back as you write and start to dedramatize and look for a solution.

2. Meditate and refocus on yourself

In one of my last posts, you will find 5 steps to start meditating. Meditation has many benefits. Although it is advised to make it a habit, you can already use it when your thoughts and emotions tend to take over. As a matter of fact, taking a few minutes to refocus on yourself and relax your mind is effective when you are hypersensitive. You will become aware of what makes you suffer and as you go along, you will learn how to minimize the effects and/or situations that cause this condition.

3. Relax and let go

It is easier to accumulate frustrations when you don’t take enough time to chill. So, you should regularly do an activity that allows you to let go and enjoy yourself at the same time. Choose an activity that requires you to use less exploited parts of your brain and that unlocks your creativity, your taste for effort and challenge, among others. Unconsciously, this will allow you to relativize and focus on the positive.

4. Talk about it

If it is a deeper problem or a long-standing frustration that you are dwelling on and having trouble getting rid of, it may be time to talk about it. Your loved ones to start with can give you recommendations and ideas to deal with this problem. Also, complete strangers are probably going through the same thing as you are. The Internet offers the opportunity to communicate and be part of different communities that share your interests. So don’t hesitate to do your own research on the subject, because you are not alone, quite the opposite.

5. Acceptance

You can’t change who you are. Learning to accept yourself and live with your qualities and defaults is therefore essential. Hypersensitivity is not as bad as it looks. Indeed, it proves that you are an empathetic and passionate person. You are certainly already appreciated by your entourage for these traits. These are rare qualities nowadays. It is one more reason not to be ashamed of it and to make it a strength.

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