6 Tips to stay true to yourself

Stay true to yourself. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Being able to be you, no matter what happens. Even if most of us will agree on the value of this concept it is often easier said than done. So I wanted to give you 6 easy tips to help you stay true to yourself.

stay true to yourself

1. Do not say yes when you want to say no

This should be your rule number 1. In order to stay true to who you are, you have to learn to say no when your intuition tells you to. At the beginning you might feel like an outsider because people tend to want to be liked even by strangers. So when you are the one who dares to think the opposite of the majority it is disturbing for you as well as for your entourage. Nonetheless do not be scared. This is also a way for you to eliminate toxic behaviors or relationships from your life.

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Do not underestimate the power of saying no when you truly want to. You can not be in constant contradiction with yourself and be real at the same time. Especially if you are still in your 20s and facing peer pressure. You don’t have to be like everyone else and being “cool” doesn’t enable you to grow on the long run.

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2. Write down your goals

Having your goals in mind is not enough. You need to write them somewhere and have an easy access to them. Whether it is on a board in your room, on post-its on your refrigerator, in a notebook, in your phone. You need to exactly describe what your goals are and be very specific.

For starters, you could think of 3 main goals. Set the day, month or even year in which you want to have achieved each of them. You could then work on a regular basis on the steps you need to take in order to reach these goals, never forgetting why you do what you do. Also, update your goals when necessary. Since you will evolve, do mistakes and learn from them you will go deeper on your purpose over time and discover what it truly is.

3. Listen to your intuition

As said, your intuition is your guide. So listen to it. You are the only captain of your life. Unless, you let others’ opinions and your fear decide for yourself. Your intuition tells you which direction to follow, when to keep going and when to let go. It will most of the time spare you headaches, disappointments and time. So whenever you are in doubt, take some alone time and listen to that inner voice without censoring it. The answer to your question comes from within. You should always follow your intuition which is like a little angel above your shoulder who reminds you what your beliefs and convictions are.

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4. Start learning not to care about others’ opinions

Since it is your life we are talking about, why should you care about others’ opinions? You know, it is always easy to judge from an outside perspective because that person is not the one who will have to deal with the consequences. For example, have you already given someone a piece of advice that you were not even applying yourself? Well, then you can understand how insane it is to base your actions on a general understanding.

The people who will be so quick at judging you and telling you what you should do are often the most passive ones. The ones that let life roughed them up. Or, too scared to take risks, they settled for a flavorless life. If you want to stay true to yourself and become the best version that you can be, then learn how to choose your friends and build a strong mindset.

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5. Do what makes you happy

You can’t be aligned with your purpose when you hate your life at the moment. If you used to be passionate about a particular sport, artistic activity etc that you had to quit for any reason, it is maybe the time to start it again. No more excuses, you can always find the time and the energy to do something that truly makes you happy. And if you don’t have a passion it is okay because you should also find happiness in the simplest moments of life. Focus on the beautiful gifts of Mother Nature when you are on the street rather than the grey concrete and sad pedestrians. You can change your focus and decide to find joy in the little things that we tend not to see anymore or take for granted.

6. Do what you say

To be aligned with yourself you have to keep your word. The same way you would dislike trusting something that will appear not to be true, or hate when people don’t mean what they say, you should also discipline yourself in this area of your life. Thus, before saying anything important, always ask yourself this: “Do I really believe I am going to do it? Or was it just something pleasant to say?” It is going to be hard to be self confident when you can’t even trust your own self.

Therefore, it starts with meaning what you say to yourself or to others and doing what you say. It is to easy to find an escape when you realize that your actions don’t match with your word. And if you notice that you constantly have trouble keeping it, then it is a sign that you should review your goals.

I hope these tips are going to be helpful. As always, if you have something to add to them, feel free to do it in the comment section below.

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