7 Tips to go out of your comfort zone

A comfort zone can be described as a physical area or an imaginary box where you have your habits, the people and the things you know. Once you feel comfortable you may not see the point of introducing a change in your life. Or you might want to but don’t really know how to proceed since you have been doing the same things for so long. If you are in this situation, here are 7 tips to help you go out of your comfort zone.

comfort zone

1. Change one habit

Choose one of your main habits that you want to change. Something that you know isn’t very healthy but still keep doing. Then, set a specific goal and a new healthy habit that will replace the previous one. It could be waking up as soon as your alarm rings, eating vegetables every day, going to bed 30 minutes earlier and so on. Practice this new habit for 3 weeks. It is in average the time you need to establish a habit that will last on the long run according to many personal development authors. The first days are going to feel exciting because it is going to bring novelty and a kind of challenge in your life. But after a couple of days, you will be tempted to come back to your old self again and this is when you will have to remain strong. Remember why you started this in the first place and all the good that it is going to bring in your life.

2. Do things by yourself

To be able to go out of your comfort zone you will have to learn to do things by yourself. Indeed, when you are used to rely on others, you are missing an opportunity to sharpen your confidence and abilities. So choose an activity, a travel, a sport that you are going to try without your entourage. The good thing is also that you will meet new people and learn from them as well. Your friends and current environment play a huge role on the fact that you feel too much comfortable. So go out of your hometown, try something that you always wanted but did not because your friends were not into it.

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3. Learn a new skill

You basically think you know what you are good at. Unconsciously you may have told yourself that there is nothing more you could learn and be an expert at. Well, let me tell you that in life you are never done learning skills and discovering your full potential. So take an online course, a summer program or participate to this seminary organised by your company. You will be surprised to realize how much fun it is to feel like a student or a child again. Just like child has dreams and doesn’t limit them you should always keep dreaming and believe that you can achieve whatever you want to.

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4. Go to new places

As said, you need to change your familiar environment in order to go out of your comfort zone. I know that you have your favorite spots where you like to hang out and relax but it is now the time to do things differently. You could for example go to a different restaurant each time you decide to eat outside. If you live in a big city you can’t say that you know every single corner of it. So during the weekend take time to explore and let yourself be caught up in the new atmosphere, smells and streets.

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5. Read to expand your knowledge

A great way to go out of your comfort zone without actually having to physically move is throughout your imagination. And to do so, you only need books or a computer. So read blogs, newspapers, books that are about topics that you want to explore. Also, since the point is to expand your knowledge I don’t want you to read something you already know you enjoy like comic books, novels or your favorite magazines. It is way more interesting and enlightening to learn about an opposite point of view. Try to understand why one may think or like something differently than you do. Read the various arguments and try to elaborate your own. You don’t have to agree with it that is the beauty of a debate for instance. Besides, you will have new subjects of conversation to discuss with your entourage and maybe you will discover something you did not know about them too.

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6. Meet new people

Nowadays, there are so many ways to meet new people on a daily basis especially thanks to social media. Take part in an online community of your choice and interact with the people. Besides, doing this behind a screen can feel less intimidating. If you are more confident you could directly go to meet ups and workshops. You never know, it could be the start of new beautiful friendships. Once again, do not censor yourself and think that you are not interesting enough or don’t have much to say. Every one has a story that makes him or her unique so why not sharing it?

7. Try something that scares you

Last but not least, I encourage you to regularly try something that scares you. This is the most effective way to go out of your comfort zone in my opinion. By definition, you are living an “easy” life when you are staying in your lane. More often than not, the things that scare you are the ones that will make you grow the most. It could be anything from talking to a new person to learning how to swim. We all have different fears but one common trait between them is that we are our worst enemy. So why don’t you trust yourself this time around and do what you think you can’t? Your mind just registers what you tell him to. In the end, it is always going to be up to you, and only you.

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