About following your intuition

Intuition is like your gut feeling. It is guiding you when you have to take an important decision. It can’t really be explained because it is specific to every individual. Therefore what makes sense for one may not to another. Most of the time you will know what to do if you are really paying attention to your intuition. Nonetheless, you always have the choice and even if you get some hints along your journey, you sometimes unconsciously choose to ignore them. So here is my opinion on following your intuition.

You don’t need to understand it

Since your intuition is a feeling, it is okay if you do not understand it at first when it talks to you. I get that it is scary to realize that your intuition is a strange and indescribable voice that only you can hear. But, it is for a good reason: you know yourself the best and it is your life in the end. Actually you don’t have to understand it to make a good use of it. Sometimes you know where you have to go because you just feel it and only later will you have a better idea on why this decision was the right one for you. So my advice is to let it lead you without questioning it. You will soon discover the reason behind that hunch.

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Learn to listen to it

It is not easy to put aside all the rational arguments that you may have against following your intuition, yet it can be a powerful tool when you learn to listen to it. You might also hear others’ point of view and wonder if having an opposite mind isn’t the sign that you are wrong. Just know that the number of people who believe in an idea doesn’t make it more true than another one. It will certainly make it harder for you to follow your own path but you still have to because you are unique. Try to reduce the noise in your brain and listen to your heart and feelings. You will need to balance it all anyway. Just think about all the situations where you had a good or bad feeling and did not listen to it. What happened then? Did you regret not following your intuition? If yes, you know how valuable it can be to trust yourself and your instinct.

Make it your ally

My final tip would be to work with your intuition rather than against it. It is there to help you and often to show you one possible way. I am not saying that you will be able to solve every single problem with the snap of your fingers but at least you will realize that you have different options. When trying to rationalize doesn’t work, your intuition is the best guidance you can have. I don’t think it can ever do you wrong. The worst that could happen if it doesn’t work is that you will learn a lesson. There are also moments where you need to do mistakes and grow from them in order to reach the next step of your life. The answer you are looking for often comes from within yourself. So let the fear of failing go and be convinced that you are meant to achieve whatever goals you have in mind.

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