Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself!

I wanted to give you a message of empowerment today. Happiness is a choice and so is your decision to believe in yourself. Here is what I want you to remember when you are doubting yourself.

If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will

First thing first, if you don’t like the person you are and you can’t stand spendind time with yourself why would anybody want to? The same principle applies to believing in yourself. You wouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t inspire you assurance and confidence, would you? Therefore, you should always keep yourself in check with the kind of energy and vibes you are transmitting.

When you are doubting yourself, work on your skills sets and remember your strengths. Of course you have flows and don’t always feel on top of the world. Nonetheless this feeling should always be temporary and not prevent you from achieving your purpose. Give yourself a pet talk and get back at it.

You deserve better don’t settle down for less

You don’t want your best life to just pass you by because of your fears. You deserve so much more than what you are currently thinking. By not believing in yourself you are allowing these fears to come true. I think we all have a sense of greatness within ourselves. The problem is that our worst enemy is our negative thinking and self-sabotage tendency. Once you realize that you can quickly shift your behavior and turn it into a positive one.

Speak your truth!

Don’t only think positive also own your words by putting them into action. Do everything like you mean it. And yes some people and things will get out of your life but don’t worry it is for the best. You attract what you are and what you believe in. So if you want to be surrounded with good people start by being good to yourself. You should always come first. Don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations where you have to compromise all the time. The most important rule is to follow your instinct and intuition.

You can not change from one day to another but every little decision you make have an impact on the long run. Do not underestimate your power to make your life better. As W. Clement Stone* said “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

* American businessman, author and philanthropist 

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  1. Do you think happiness itself is a choice, or is happiness a byproduct of the choices we make?

    1. Indeed I think that happiness is a choice that we make consciously or not. One can choose to wallow in his misery because it is easier than actually choosing to work for his happiness. On the opposite, people who decide to be happy can see the beauty in struggling for what you want and deserve and have better chances to take the necessary actions to improve their lives.

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