Building on the momentum

I first discovered the notion of momentum when I started working. It could be when companies try to build their brand on the momentum, which is a specific event, at a specific time, when the customers’ interest for their product is at its peak. Or, during a project involving several in which and managers will use a moment of high attention to increase the employees’ engagement and set a standard for the company’s strategy.

Your life is also punctuated with momentum even though you don’t always realize it. I wanted to explain to you why it is so important to recognize these events and how you could build on them too.

The trigger to your success

There is a moment in someone’s life when a trigger is activated. This moment is often very furtive and requires from the person to recognize it as soon as possible before it fades away. It can be the moment when you finally identify your Why or when you find the solution to what was missing in order for you to achieve your goals.

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The good news is you will have several momentum in your life, so missing one is not the end of the world. Nonetheless, it is crucial to learn how to notice them. Below, you will find a couple of hints that you might be experiencing a momentum:

  • You just met someone or discover something that is directly or indirectly linked to the goal you are pursuing. This is a big one because it could be the sign that you are on the right path and that it is now for you the time to step forward.
  • Your targeted customers are giving you unexpected attention. A customer’s attention is often very short. That is why we say that customers do and undo brands quickly. So, when you get their attention, use it to leave a mark in their memory.
  • You are getting recently very excited about a project that you left aside for a while and having new ideas on a regular basis. This could unlock your creativity. At that precise moment your intuition is telling you something. So try out these new ideas and don’t overthink the process.
  • You just failed at something that you put a lot of effort on. This one might be counter-intuitive but, here it is your ability to quickly understand what went wrong and to get back on your feet that will determine the next step. Also, sometimes you need to let go of something that is not meant for you. Be willing to accept that a greater achievement is coming your way.

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So now that you have some hints on how to recognize a momentum, you can imagine how important it is to build on it. Here are a couple of reasons why.

A sign that it is now YOUR time


It is true that there is a timing for everything. The reasons why someone succeeds after implementing perhaps the exact same idea as another person before him or her can be facetious. Or, did you already experience trying something and failing and then trying it again a few weeks, months maybe years after and succeed? If yes, then it means that it wasn’t YOUR time yet. This is why momentum should be taken as a serious clue that now is the time to act. So pay attention to these events in order not to waste your energy on something else or to get discourage and give up on your dreams. This is why you should never compare your progress to others’. Everyone should follow his own rhythm and journey. You are unique and so is your life and purpose.

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Stay alert and focused

Knowing that you could be facing a momentum will enable you to stay alert and focused on your goals. You will gain confidence and know that your hard work will pay off at some point. So no need to worry because your time is coming. Practice patience. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forwards with faith and determination. I think that we often lack of patience because we tend to want everything to happen fast and. And, when it is not the case we question ourselves and even our competences. Every so often, it is really just a matter of letting it come to you and trusting the process.

Be open to novelty

As you read in the list of hints above, a momentum could be an uncomfortable event or something you’ve never experienced before. That is the reason why a momentum enables you to be more open to novelty and comfortable doing uncomfortable things. Progress lies in your willingness to do more of those. You could not possibly grow and better yourself only by staying in your lane. A momentum is hence designed to bring you into the unknown from time to time, which in my opinion is great news! So let your intuition guide you not your fear. You’ll see how simple getting the life and goals you want can be.

I wish that an inspiring momentum occurs in your life soon, if you’ve already experienced one, feel free to share it in the comment section below, I would love to hear your success stories!

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