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5 Tips to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. You could see the effects of anxiety on someones' body throughout physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle knots. If you sometimes have trouble coping with anxiety, here are 5 tips to help you. Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on… Continue reading 5 Tips to deal with anxiety

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Building on the momentum

I first discovered this notion when I started working. It could be when companies try to build their brand on the momentum, which is a specific event, at a specific time, when the customers' interest for their product is at its peak. Or, during a project in which several teams are involved and managers will… Continue reading Building on the momentum

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When is it the right moment?

I often ask myself these questions: When is it the right moment to act? When should I wait for better conditions to align? I would often convince myself that all the conditions are not reunited in order for me to succeed. So I would wait and wait and wait until the opportunity eventually passed me… Continue reading When is it the right moment?

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5 Reasons to go trekking in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in South East Asia composed of several islands with many volcanoes. Some of them are still in activity and their sites are opened to visitors. If you ever thought of going on a trek, Indonesia and specifically the region of Java would be a great opportunity for you. Here are… Continue reading 5 Reasons to go trekking in Indonesia

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Where is home?

Home. The place where we belong and feel the most comfortable. What does it mean though to "feel at home"? There is the tangible home, with its roof and walls. It is basically where you live and decided to settle down at least for now. It is probably where you have your job, friends, perhaps… Continue reading Where is home?

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Giving up too soon

I wanted to address this topic in particular because I see so many people giving up on their dreams too soon. Photo on Pexels.com I mean I get it. In our today's society we are used to have the things we want very fast without having to ask twice for it. Most of the time,… Continue reading Giving up too soon

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10 Tips to stay motivated

It is not always easy to keep your motivation and remain constant on the long run. Even when, the project you are working on is exciting and important to you. I would like to give you in this post 10 tips to help you stay motivated. 1. Take stock of the situation The first thing… Continue reading 10 Tips to stay motivated

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On valuing your time

Time is a rare resource or we think it is. We often complain about being "too busy" to do all the things that we want. But the truth is you should value your time and define your priorities. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Indeed, if you are someone punctual you know how it feels to… Continue reading On valuing your time

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Why do I write?

To remember how I felt. In happy and unhappy moments of my life. If one day I do forget them, I could still go back in time by reading those words I wrote. To let it out. Because it is not always easy nor appropriate to verbally express how you feel. Besides, writing helps avoiding… Continue reading Why do I write?

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7 Reasons why you should travel solo

Traveling solo for the first time was a scary and changing experience for me. You just explore parts of you that you did not even know existed. This is something that will deeply change you in ways that you can't imagine. We are lucky to live in era where one can easily cross the borders… Continue reading 7 Reasons why you should travel solo