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Do not put all your eggs in one basket

This is probably something you’ve heard many times. Basically, it means that you should not put all your effort, energy, time and even money on only one project or area of your life. I would like to explain to you why regarding your purpose you should not put all your focus on only one thing.

You can’t be certain it is what you need yet

Indeed, you might try this idea that you have been thinking about lately. It could be related to a personal or a business project. Your are very enthusiastic about it and dedicate all your time and energy to make it a reality. The thing is you can’t be certain that this idea is the right one for you. Maybe it still needs to be shaped and discussed with people who could help you understand all the work and sacrifices that it takes, for instance. It could definitely save you some time to act based on facts rather than excitement and passion.

You might miss out the most important

Following the previous idea, the fact that you are so focused on this idea only might mislead you. For example, you could see only one aspect of something that is actually bigger and more important than you think. So the time and energy that you decide to allocate to it is not quite accurate. You need to see the bigger picture here and always take a step back by assessing and validating your idea as much as possible.

Your happiness depends on more than one criterion

Happiness does not build at once based on one single criterion. Indeed, your purpose will take time to be achieved. You will have several steps along your journey. As a consequence you will have to set your priorities and know when you should let this idea that you had go or put it on hold.

I wish you a happy journey and don’t hesitate to share your own tips on the matter in the comments section below.

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