Abandonner trop tôt giving up

Giving up too soon

I wanted to address this topic in particular because I see so many people giving up on their dreams too soon.

I mean I get it. In our today’s society we are used to have the things we want very fast without having to ask twice for it. Most of the time, it requires just a little bit of your time and money to get what you desire. This is the way the consumption society was built: based on our willingness to get more with less (time, engagement and energy).

The problem is, that is not how life works. In order to achieve your goals you need several qualities among them are:


Through tough times and challenges, it refers to the ability to recover quickly from a set back. Too many of us quit when it is just starting to get harder while it is specifically where we have to be persistant.


You have to believe that what you want is coming to you. The time should really not be the issue here. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, because it is meant to you. So as long as you keep up the good work, you will get nearer to achieving this goal.


Because wanting something without working for it does not apply in life’s basic principles, you have to put a lot of focus and energy towards your purpose. The actions and decisions you take should gravitate around this purpose and be aligned with your belief.


Which is the main word here. Be patient and do not try to rush the process. Not being rewarded yet for your effort doesn’t mean that you are not improving. Indeed, we tend to only see the tip of the iceberg but all the steps and obstacles you had to face are what made your success possible.

What is in your opinion the main common point of people we define as “successful”? According to me, we forget that these people worked hard in the shadow, often for many years before getting there. Giving up wasn’t an option for them . The thing is we have no idea of the sacrifices that it implied and see only the end result. So don’t put your focus on the end result but on the process itself. Remember that life gives back to the bravest. It is now up to you. Are you going to push through to reach your greatness?

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