How to find inspiration

How to find inspiration?

Sometimes you get stuck. It seems like you are on automatic mode and just reacting to whatever happens in your life. You may have gotten too comfortable doing things out of habits. It is easy to let our habits take control over us rather than having to actually think about how to better our ways. Maybe you are lacking passion and inspiration. If you don’t currently have a purpose or goals that bring out enthusiasm, here are some tips to find inspiration.


I had my first mentor in Highschool. Since I did not have someone in my entourage who did the kind of studies I intended to pursue, my mentor was of great help. He helped navigate throughout the process, giving me tips and tricks and also motivating me in difficult times. At any stage of your life, having one or several mentors is an excellent way to have access to new knowledge and experiences. Your mentors can teach you about the mistakes they did so that you can avoid them. Besides, you will be more likely to take them seriously. Indeed, they are speaking from experience and not based on some hard-to-believe scientific or philosophical theories.

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They will answer your questions and make you question yourself. You need to choose someone whose lifestyle and mentality inspire you. Someone who is not going to be tender with you and push you to reach your full potential. I believe it is easier when this person is not a relative or a friend at first, because their judgment will be more objective. Also, sometimes we listen more to strangers than to the people we love. Many people that we consider to be successful had at least one mentor because they knew how mentorship could jump start their own path to success.


Rather than binge-watching videos and TV programs which are more or less informative and inspiring, turn your attention and curiosity towards books. I used to love reading when I was a child. Then, growing up, I convinced myself that I did not have the time nor the patience to read anymore, until I was at that stage of my life where I got stuck and felt like I needed to change certain things. So I began to get more and more interested in personal development books, starting first with the most popular and short ones to have a first glimpse at what it was all about. Also, when you are just starting with concepts like finding your Why, being in the present moment, self care and love, you will first feel overwhelmed and almost lost. It is okay and there is nothing to worry about.

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You possibly need to read that book all at once first, then let it sink into your mind and come back to it later on. This time, you will stop whenever you agree or disagree with a concept stated by the author. Take notes on what you think about it. Let it infuse in your head again until it is clearer for you and you can discuss it.

A book is sometimes like a song that you did not like at first and you could not even explain why. Besides, everyone else around you liked this song. So, you felt like a weirdo until you listened to it months later and started to like the melody, the rhythm, understanding the lyrics, and finally liked the song overall. The same thing goes for a book that makes you go out of your confort zone. So try to have an open mind when you read. Take the time you need to comprehend the book in question.


Meeting and seeing inspiring people in person is not comparable to seeing them through a screen. Most of the time, conferences and talks which feature famous mentors will cost you money. I believe that money spent on your personal development and well-being is an investment into the future not a burden. These opportunities do not occur very often because have to be available and able to go. So when all conditions are reunited don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Also keep yourself up to date with the agenda of your virtual mentors. These are the people you have never met but who you look up to. It could be a business man or woman, a movie star, a fitness guru and so on. The same way you will not hesitate to pay for a good movie starring your favorite actor or actress or, for your favorite singer’s concert, you should also not hesitate to invest in you. You are indeed the real star of the show.

Online communities

“I want to but I don’t have time for this”. Does this excuse resonate with you? We are all guilty of procrastinating and escaping the hassle by telling ourselves that our life is too full as it is. There is no room nor time for your self-improvement. Really? With all the free and accessible information that the world we live in offers us, there is no way this could be true. And if you don’t have time to attend any conference at the moment, then start connecting to people online. Be an active member of at least one community that inspires you.

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There are plenty of communities where people help and give each other pieces of advice based on their own experiences. I am sure at some point you would love meeting some of these people in real life. You just have to find the topics that speak to you. The key here is to focus on the things that once had you excited and that you may have stopped because life happens or, on the ones that you always wanted to try but were to ashamed or lazy to go through.

Put it into action

My last point, after you did try one or more of these tips, is to put what you’ve learned into action. It is important to widen your interests and try to find inspiration. But all the motivational posts, videos and books that you have seen and read will be of no use if you do not implement their lessons in your daily life. Do not wait until the inspiration you got fades away again. Act as soon as you have an idea on how to move forward. Everybody is different. Something that may have worked for someone may not for you. You therefore need to avoid comparing yourself to others or to what mainstream tells you to do. The thing though is if you never try you will never know.

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