Let it go!

I know it can be difficult to let go of something that you already invested so much time and energy into even when your intuition is telling you it is for the best. Or, you could have trouble accepting the truth and not being in control of everything. I wanted to talk to you about why it is so hard to let go and what one could do about it.

Of the doubts and fear

In order to be able to move forward, you must let go of the fear and doubts that haunt you. Indeed most of the time what is preventing us from taking action is the fear of failure. Your little inner voice is saying to you that you can’t do it maybe because you don’t have any proof that it is possible yet.

Advice: trust yourself and your abilities to get what you want and need in life. You already have what it takes. The solution is within you. You just have to allow yourself to access it. Start all over again if necessary but this time with a positive intention and the confidence that you can handle the situation better thanks to your new knowledge.

Of the idea of being right

It is often your ego talking when you are afraid of admitting you were wrong. When one thinks about it, not letting go in that case will only cause oneself harm and pain. You know that your ego is the one in command when the decisions you are taking aren’t rational nor based on facts anymore.

Advice: take a step back. Be humble and accept the fact that you are not a perfect and omniscient human being. Trying and learning from your mistakes is part of the game. Remember the time you did listen to a wise piece of advice and how beneficial it was to you.

Of what is not meant for you

This is maybe the most difficult thing to admit. You were convinced it was the right thing but also that you have found your purpose or a particular goal. It could be a project or a business idea you have been investing into for a while now. So letting it go is like throwing away all your effort. And you obviously don’t want to feel like you have been wasting a time that you could no longer take back.

Advice: it did not work out (yet) and so what? Remember that a failure remains one only when you stop right there and feel sorry for yourself instead of getting back on your feet. So learn the lessons on why it did not work and use them as a stepping-stone for your next challenge.

lâche prise Let it go

Of the past mistakes

Since you are not perfect, you are not proud of all the decisions you took in the past. You keep beating yourself up about that one mistake when you were younger, stubborn or foolish. Unconsciously the fact that you don’t want to leave it in the past is blocking you from achieving your goals.

Advice: forgive yourself! Stop reminiscing about something you can not change. The past is there for a reason which is to give you the lessons you need to grow and evolve as a person. It is not supposed to define the person you are now nor the one you are yet to become. So chill and let it out one more time then move on for good.

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