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My 10 favorite (English) podcasts

When you don’t have time to read, podcasts are a good way not only to know what is happening in the world but also to learn new skills. Here is a list of my favorite English podcasts channels.

1. Digital Planet: to keep you up to date on digital trends around the world.

2. The miraculous life: hosted by a psychologist, it is a personal development channel that gives advice to help you tune in with the miraculousness of life.

3. Rich Dad Radio Show: personal finance advice from Robert Kiyosaki, an author in money management and successful business man.

4. FT Money Show: also to develop your personal finance skills, this Financial Time channel will give you insights on how to do it on a daily basis.

5. Stand out get noticed: created for professional and business owners who want advice on how to achieve their goals and career.

6. Good Life project: different hosts give you their view on how to build an happy life that suits your purpose, belief and character.

7. Safe for work: podcasts to help you manage your daily employee’s life (negociating a raise, relationships with bosses and colleagues, career moves etc.)

8. CNN 10: 10 minutes of news on the digital world and its explanations.

9. TED Talks Daily: to find the latest TED talks in audio format on different topics and from a variety of speakers.

10. All the books!: weekly recommendations on recently released books.

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