My Why and how to find it

What is your purpose in this life? Tough question. Also because the answer differs from a person to another but I wanted to give you clues to help you find yours.

To find your why ask yourself these 5 questions.

1. What I feel comfortable doing

You know yourself the best. What do you enjoy doing the most? What bring you the most happiness? The answer to these questions will help you determine what you are comfortable doing. Think about your hobbies and what you do during your free time, to give you an idea. Pay attention to your sensations, it should feel easy, give you a sense of peace. It is something not too demanding of effort nor motivation because you are already excited just by the idea of it. Your purpose will make you happy and feel fulfilled this is the reason why you need to think about that first.

2. What I am good at

Here, it is about knowing what your strengths are. It is different from what you do like. Maybe you are strong in maths or in a specific sport, in drawing, in making people laugh etc. Ask your entourage about the qualities they see in you. Morevover, think about the skills that you developed throughout the years by doing something you were naturally good at.

3. What I want to improve

Now that you know your strengths, you need to think about the skills you want to improve. It is time to take the classes and online courses you always wanted. Internet offers you the opportunity to learn almost anything for free. Focus on all the subjects and ways that will help you build another skill. You will also learn that everything comes together when you are patient and dedicated.

4. What are my core values

Your beliefs and core values are what matter the most to you. Your purpose should make sense to you and be aligned with your beliefs. If ethics and environmental friendly solutions are key to you, then your “Why” should also serve these principles and respect them. Write down the qualities and traits you value the most in people, in an activity and in yourself.

5. What I want to bring to people

You truly fulfill your purpose by having an impact on others’ life, starting with your immediate entourage. I believe that you get more in life by giving. Selflessness is the trait of a person who has found her way and think bigger than herself. Since one only live once, what do you want people to remember about you?

I wish you all the best in this beautiful journey called life and hope you work towards accomplishing your own purpose 🙂.

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