On changing your mindset

On changing your mindset

Personal or self development is a discipline with several arrays of trends and tips that aim at improving someones’ life. Even those who are not deeply searching for ways to develop themselves, still ask themselves how to get better. The first step towards changing your life is changing the way you think. Indeed, everything starts with your mindset. It says a lot about you, or more accurately, it is an image of what you think you are as a person.


Be aware of the types of vibes you are sending out into the world. When you think negative and nurture depressing ideas, all that comes back to you is the same kind of negative occurrences. Try to have a mindset of abundance. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or what is lacking right now in your life, pinpoint the positive things and be grateful for them. Be convince that you are on the right path to get the life that you want and deserve.


Do you truly believe that your dream life is achievable? Or is there still a part of you that tells you it is impossible? The difference between people who succeed after years and years of hardship and the others is that they kept believing it was possible no matter what. They did not stop after a closed door, a bankruptcy, a break-up or any unwanted event. You can be one of them too, if you decide to let go of the part of you who doesn’t believe it.

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Self limitations

We are our worst enemy and our biggest critics. This means that we limit ourselves without even realizing it. We are all a result from social conditioning and our education. From the childhood we integrate norms and beliefs on ourselves and what we can do. The fact that somebody may have told you in the past that you were not good enough has affected the image that you have of yourself. If that is the case, you need to realize that you can take back your power whenever you want. You can remove a representation that you built over time and exchange it for an empowering one.

Taking care of yourself, shifting your identity and thoughts can be something new that will change your life for ever. Therefore it almost seems like a fantasy coming straight from your own imagination but, you know in your guts that you can do more and are meant to be more. The first step is always the most difficult one. So make a deal with yourself : why don’t you start today? And remember: you are what you think!

on changing your mindset

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