On finding a work-life balance

Finding a work-life balance can be so challenging for any human being. Being able to give your 100% at work while nurturing your social life is a brain teaser. Here are three rules that I try to follow to help me balance it all.


Working is not all your life

Even if your job is also your passion (lucky you!) it should not determine your whole life and person. You also need to interact with other human beings on a casual level. Everything should not involve making profit and negotiating. Besides, once you retire you will not be able to know what to do with yourself anymore. We define in our modern society that an average office job should be from 9 to 5, 5 days a week with a few days off per year. It does not mean that this should be your life. Indeed, when you travel abroad or even look at your neighbor’s lifestyle you will see that it is up to you to decide. No right or wrong here, the key is to find what is suitable to you.

Stay socially active

In that spirit, you should remain active in your social life. Spend time with your loved ones and people that you care about. You will never be able to go back in time to go to that concert with your significant other, to your child’s play or to your friend’s birthday party. These moments will often occur only once and life is too short to miss them out! You don’t always have to be productive in the eyes of others as long as you are happy with yourself and do what is meaningful to you. Indeed, being in the moment is something we don’t take enough time to do because we are too “busy”.

Give yourself a break

For your own mental and emotional health. You will not always find the perfect work-life balance and have to make difficult decisions regarding your lifestyle once in a while. The most important is that you are trying your best. My final advice to you will be to stay true to your values and purpose, in order to eliminate behaviors that don’t match them. In any case I congratulate you, keep up the good work!

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