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My music tastes are very eclectic. So is my motivation playlist. Here is a sample of songs that keep my spirit high. Enjoy!

Bobo, Olamide: Nigerian rap song, in which the singer calls out his “Bobo”, slang for trendy guys/homies, to work hard for what they want in life.

Chingam, Sarkodie ft Bisa Kdei: Song in Twi, a Ghanean dialect. The chorus basically translates into “nothing can stop me since I am flexible like chingam”, slang for chewing gum. Sarkodie message is that one can get through anything with faith, hard work and dedication.

Agolo, Angelique Kidjo: monument of African music, Angelique Kidjo is from Benin. The song is about all the good that “Mother Earth” does to us and that we should hence respect her.

Autorail, Sékouba Bambino: one of my childhood’s songs I love to listen to. Sang in Bambara by a Guinean music legend. It talks about a person taking a plane to a foreign country leaving her old life behind but keeping the good memories. It encourages me to appreciate new beginnings.

Lose yourself, Eminem: famous song from the soundtrack of Eminem’s autobiographical movie 8 Mile. The lyrics and the rythm are punchy. It just reminds me to always try my best and cease the opportunities that may come.

Eye of the tiger, Survivor: more of a workout song. It gives you the energy to keep pushing and feel fearless like a tiger!

Banlieusards, Kery James: I love the lyrics, a well-written political song. Kery James is to me, a modern urban poet who expresses with beautiful French words the reality of people from “la banlieue” aka “the ghetto”. The videoclip is also great because it features successful entrepreneurs and celebrities from the ghetto or lower social classes. My favorite part is the following:

“We are not doomed to failure
It is hard for us, but it should not become an excuse
If knowledge is a weapon, let’s gear up, because without it we are helpless.”

À la vie à l’amour, Soprano: the song titel means “From life to love”. Replace “Simon says” by “Mummy says” and you will get all the pieces of wise advice that a mother could give to her child such as “smile, show people generosity and kindness”.

Au bout de mes rêves, Jean-Jacques Goldman: Another well-known French singer and song writer. The main message of the song is “I will follow my dreams no matter what people and my brain say”.

Elastic heart, Sia: a song to keep fighting for whatever you think is worth it right now. It reminds me to stay sharp and focus. Also, Sia’s voice is just wonderful.

Who you are, Jessie J: motivational songs are not necessarily happy songs. I like this one because it basically says that it is okay not to be perfect, to feel down sometimes. Stay yourself, it is enough.

We are young, Fun ft Janelle Monáe: just a fun song to remember to enjoy life as long as you are young, carefree and not taking everything too seriously.

Paradise, Coldplay: and then, once you become an adult, you should always keep dreaming like children do. That what’s this song reminds me of.

Am I wrong, Nico & Vinz: a refreshing song from a Norvegian duet. Their musical universe is influenced by Afrobeat, Pop, RnB and Hip-hop. The song is about being different, thinking outside the box and following your guts.

Scatterlings of Africa, Johnny Clegg and Savuka: Johnny Clegg aka the “White Zoulou” passed away last July. I loved his character as well as his songs. He was raised in South Africa. This song is an hymn to Africa, its peoples and cultures.

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