Prague : the beautiful Bohemian surprise

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic in central Europe and the historical capital of Bohemia. With a little over one million inhabitants, it is the biggest city of the country. The city economy is held by the tertiary sector and tourism. I spent a weekend there and wanted to share my impression with you.

Small town but big enough to enjoy

I really liked the size of the city which is divided in two by the Vltava (a.k.a Moldau) river. On the left side you will find the medieval part of the city with its castle and cathedral. On the right side of the river is the Old Town and newest neighborhoods. Whether it is in summer or winter, you will enjoy walking around and have a glimpse of the cool and charming atmosphere. You will see some performers in the old town, hear music somewhere. Have a sit at a coffee terrace and enjoy. It is pretty easy to find people who speak English in touristic places or even on the street. I found Czech people to be warm and kind.

Fascinating architecture

Prague National Museum

Rainer Maria Rilke, a famous poet called his hometown Prague “a vast epic poem of architecture”. Prague’s architecture is indeed rich and eye-catching. The different buildings and statues on the street tell the history of the city and are well preserved.

Whenever I travel somewhere, I enjoy visiting the oldest neighborhoods and see how the city evolved and got urbanized throughout time. Passing through Charles Bridge, you will end up in the Old Town Square, with its famous clock. Prague old city center is part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Prague castle, built in the 9th century, will give you an hint of the power of Bohemia during this era. It is now the official office of the President. Czech Republic used to be part of Tchekoslovakia. You can still observe buildings from that period.

Social and international life

The currency is still the Czech crown. Life is therefore very affordable there. So, if you want to travel to Europe on a budget, this destination is the right one for you. I would recommend to go to Vytopna train restaurant to try Czech specialties. Your drinks will be brought by a small train that goes around the different tables. I had gnocchi with a green sauce and cheese which was delicious. I found the overall experience very enjoyable. You will meet expats and exchange students almost everywhere. If you enjoy chilled evenings in bars or partying in clubs, you will have no trouble finding what you need. The city offers plenty of opportunities to hang out, have fun and do cultural or sport activities.


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