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2020 here I come!

So there are only 30 days left before 2020. Are you ready for this? Because I am! Let's make 2020 our year, shall we? Here is what I want you to remember while jumping into next year: You actually don't have to wait to start working on your goals. I am not a fan of… Continue reading 2020 here I come!

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7 Steps to trust yourself

We call it self trust, self confidence. It refers to this feature that some people have which seems to make them look fearless and unstoppable. I think we are all afraid of some things. One of them being failure. So here are 7 steps you could take to build self trust. Photo de sur… Continue reading 7 Steps to trust yourself

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Be your own best friend!

A couple of days ago, I posted this thought of the day about friends. One lesson to extract from it is that no matter what, you should always be able to count on yourself. By be your own best friend, I really mean act towards yourself the same way you would with your best friend.… Continue reading Be your own best friend!