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Believe in yourself!

I wanted to give you a message of empowerment today. Happiness is a choice and so is your decision to believe in yourself. Here is what I want you to remember when you are doubting yourself. Photo by Bekka Mongeau on If you don't believe in yourself no one else will First thing first,… Continue reading Believe in yourself!

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Where is home?

Home. The place where we belong and feel the most comfortable. What does it mean though to "feel at home"? There is the tangible home, with its roof and walls. It is basically where you live and decided to settle down at least for now. It is probably where you have your job, friends, perhaps… Continue reading Where is home?

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10 Tips to stay motivated

It is not always easy to keep your motivation and remain constant on the long run. Even when, the project you are working on is exciting and important to you. I would like to give you in this post 10 tips to help you stay motivated. 1. Take stock of the situation The first thing… Continue reading 10 Tips to stay motivated

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Why do I write?

To remember how I felt. In happy and unhappy moments of my life. If one day I do forget them, I could still go back in time by reading those words I wrote. To let it out. Because it is not always easy nor appropriate to verbally express how you feel. Besides, writing helps avoiding… Continue reading Why do I write?

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Let it go!

I know it can be difficult to let go of something that you already invested so much time and energy into even when your intuition is telling you it is for the best. Or, you could have trouble accepting the truth and not being in control of everything. I wanted to talk to you about… Continue reading Let it go!

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Do not put all your eggs in one basket

This is probably something you've heard many times. Basically, it means that you should not put all your effort, energy, time and even money on only one project or area of your life. I would like to explain to you why regarding your purpose you should not put all your focus on only one thing.… Continue reading Do not put all your eggs in one basket

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Malaysia, truly Asia

While I was studying in Asia, I ceased the occasion to travel around as much as I could. One of my favorite destinations was Malaysia. I really enjoyed discovering different cities and atmospheres. Here is a summary of what I enjoyed about Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur the cosmopolitan city It will probably be your first stop… Continue reading Malaysia, truly Asia