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7 Tips to go out of your comfort zone

A comfort zone can be described as a physical area or an imaginary box where you have your habits, the people and the things you know. Once you feel comfortable you may not see the point of introducing a change in your life. Or you might want to but don't really know how to proceed… Continue reading 7 Tips to go out of your comfort zone

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About working under pressure

There are different kinds of pressure that someone could face in his or her life. Some are healthy and will enable you to enhance your skills set and others are to be avoided because they could affect your self confidence as well as your mental health. I wanted to address specifically the pressure that one… Continue reading About working under pressure

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5 Reasons to go trekking in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in South East Asia composed of several islands with many volcanoes. Some of them are still in activity and their sites are opened to visitors. If you ever thought of going on a trek, Indonesia and specifically the region of Java would be a great opportunity for you. Here are… Continue reading 5 Reasons to go trekking in Indonesia

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Let it go!

I know it can be difficult to let go of something that you already invested so much time and energy into even when your intuition is telling you it is for the best. Or, you could have trouble accepting the truth and not being in control of everything. I wanted to talk to you about… Continue reading Let it go!

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When life is too heavy

Pause. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Meditation helps. You don't need to be an expert. Take just 5, that is all you need. Let the thoughts and emotions flow. Don't try to stop them, just observe. You will feel calmer. Then, you can think of the responsibilities that weight on your… Continue reading When life is too heavy

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5 Tips to deal with hypersensitivity

The definition of hypersensitivity that can be found on the Internet is rather vague: extreme or exaggerated sensitivity. In medicine, hypersensitivity is used to characterize an excessive sensitivity to an external factor or agent that may result in an allergy, among other things. Thus, a hypersensitive person would be someone who has disproportionate emotional but… Continue reading 5 Tips to deal with hypersensitivity

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5 Steps to start meditating

Meditating may seem complicated at first. You might think it is only reserved for a couple of very spiritual people. Before my interest for self development started to grow, I used to think the same. That meditating was a waste of my time until I realized how beneficial it could be. There are certainly many… Continue reading 5 Steps to start meditating

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10 Books that changed my vision of life

Books are a reflection of our lives and the society we live in. They make us laugh, cry, question our principles and prejudices. Sometimes, they have the key we are waiting for to unlock our knowledge and move forward. In this article, I present you with 10 books that have influenced and given me a… Continue reading 10 Books that changed my vision of life

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On staying motivated

It is finally the weekend! You have 48 hours to do all the things you did not have time for during the week. Okay...so reality just kicked in and the clock is ticking. It is hard at times to stay motivated especially when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work. I often have these… Continue reading On staying motivated

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Why you need to L.E.A.R.N?

One often says that life is a journey in which each step towards the finish line counts. Fair enough! But how am I supposed to enjoy all the obstacles and set-backs that seem to be keeping me from reaching my goals as fast as possible? I wanted to give you my tip on the matter… Continue reading Why you need to L.E.A.R.N?