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Understanding the difference between what you want and what you need

People often get confused when it comes to understanding this important difference. As a consequence, one might end up having or wishing for something that is no good to him or her. Here is what I think on this topic.

What you want is linked to your desire

Therefore, it can be temporary. Your desire is more often than not triggered by an external stimulus or event that occurred in your life. It can feel so intense that when you think about what you want the first sentence that comes to your mind is ” I need this because…” Once the stimulus fades away you might have obtained what you want or maybe not. Either way, this thing doesn’t have the same appeal on you anymore. Whether it is something material or non tangible, you don’t even really know why you wanted it that much in the first place.

Once you realize that, it is important to take the necessary time to figure out if you are just desiring something or truly need it. Indeed, you don’t want to let something comes into your life when it is only going to push you several steps further away from your initial goal. So let the first moment of excitement wear off before you take a decision.

For instance, you could want to start your own business, but what you really need right now is to work on your finances or personal development. So you could wish for it very hard and even manage to launch it but you will soon be disappointed and facing a lot of difficulties that you did not anticipate. That is why the notion of timing is also key in order to know what you want vs what you need.

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Knowing what you need

On the opposite, what you need is linked to your purpose and goals. It could be a matter of skills sets and aptitudes that are indispensable for you to be able to achieve these goals. This doesn’t sound as appealing as something that you want because it generally requires a lot of work and sacrifices.

Using the business creation example, you might not want to learn about taxes, accountancy, corporation status, sales, marketing etc. but these are the skills that you need to develop if you want your business to be successful. So most of the time you find out what you need and do it because you have to.

This is key because the amount of effort that you are willing to invest in what you want is going to have an impact on how fast and easy you will be able to obtain it. And this applies to all the areas of your life. Knowing what you need should be the first thing you should focus on as soon as you discover what you want. Don’t rush into it without having work on yourself.

I hope these tips will help you and encourage you to move forward!

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