feel enough anymore ne plus être assez

What to do when you feel like you’re not enough anymore?

Beautiful enough, strong enough, intelligent enough, athletic enough, motivated enough, loving enough and so on. What can you do when you don’t feel enough anymore? I am still looking for the answer to that question. But the difference with the previous “me” is that I now refuse to let my spleen and my prevailing gloom take over my life and spirit.

So, when I find myself feeding a disaster scenario in my head, I give myself an inner slap and decide to reverse the steam, by taking a positive action that will boost me again among others. It may be accepting this invitation to go out for a drink with friends after work, continuing reading this personal development book that I left on my nightstand for weeks and writing. Writing about my moods, doubts, anxieties. Putting these evils on paper allows me to exorcise them. It’s as if they instantly lose their power of enchantment.

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So yes, it’s mid-season and you’re not in top shape. Your head wants to move forward and grasp the few remaining weeks of the calendar year to achieve your goals but your body tells you exactly the opposite: “relax, you’re tired, let yourself deviate from your diet and have this snack, lay on your couch in your favorite sweatpants and sweatshirt”. And the two can’t agree. So you’re caught between the hammer and the anvil and you know for sure that, no matter which side the scales lean towards, you’ll end up feeling guilty.

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If you are also going through this phase right now, I would like to send you the following message: it is not the end of the world! You’re not perfect, life is made of cycles and it’s completely normal to have ups and downs. In those moments, do not fall into the trap of self-flagellation and accept the situation. You would spend too much energy trying to fight this natural flow.

Have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. Like any cycle, this period of decline will not last forever. Therefore, your body is right to say “relax, take it easy”. Be lenient with yourself and, if necessary, look in the rear-view mirror of the months that have passed to realize the miles that you’ve already covered. You’re on the right track. So all I have to do now is send you positive vibes and congratulate you. As my fellow American friends say “keep up the good work”! 🙂

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