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Why do I write?

To remember how I felt. In happy and unhappy moments of my life. If one day I do forget them, I could still go back in time by reading those words I wrote.

To let it out. Because it is not always easy nor appropriate to verbally express how you feel. Besides, writing helps avoiding drama or arguments.

To connect with you. Hence the existence of this blog. I love to connect with people. This is what human beings are made for in my opinion: connect, share and grow together.

To reconnect to myself. Because as a normal person, I tend to forget about myself and what is important to me. Writing helps me make sure I always take care of my well-being.

To count my blessings. Also because it is easier to see the glass half empty rather than half full. I write to remember that I did and had things that I did not even dare dreaming about. And this is a reason enough to be grateful.

To show appreciation and love. Even as a child I liked poems for instance. I write to the people I love. I don’t say those 3 words very often but I have learned how to convey them through writing.

To move forward. Learn from your past in order to move forward. Once you wrote it down, you should also let it go, as said previously. So always look forward to the person who are going to become.

To put things into perspective. There is always worse and you also have survived worse. So I write to remember to chill out and not make everything a big deal.

To self heal. Through writing I allow myself to heal from any kind of suffering, small or big it doesn’t matter. I give myself the adequate bandage to ease the pain.

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