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5 Reasons why you should do city breaks more often

I talk about traveling a lot on this blog because I truly think it is one of the best things one could spend money on. Nonetheless, if you are like me you don’t always have the time or money to go wandering far far away. Actually, you don’t even have to cross the borders to discover something new and exciting. That is why I wanted to give you 5 reasons to do city breaks more often.

1. City breaks take some fresh air

And break with the routine from time to time. It is quite easy and comfortable to buy a train ticket or take your car to visit your region or another city. It doesn’t require you to book or plan it in advance or wait for someone. So whenever you feel like you need a new perspective and fresh air consider doing a city break. Just being in a new environment, seeing new faces and discovering new restaurants is enough to give you the extra boost that you were looking for.

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2. To discover nice spots

As said, going in a new city means discovering new spots among those are restaurants, coffee shops and any kind of entertainment areas. Each city has its specialty when it comes to food or is well-known for an activity, a specific monument that you can’t find anywhere else. So cease this opportunity to try something fun and exciting. You never know, you may find your new favorite spot during a city break. That way, whenever you feel stressed out or lack of energy, you will know where you should go, take a weekend or more to refill and keep moving.

3. To learn how to be more adventurous

If you want to experience traveling on your own for instance, baby steps are the best way. So start with exploring a city you have never been to before. You will then learn to be more instinctive and adventurous. You should think of it like a game. The main advantages are that the language is still the same, you are more at ease because you are only minutes or hours away from home. Therefore, you will have no problem enjoying the experience. As you gain confidence, you will be able to try more, go further and feel like something in you is a little bit different each time. That is great, isn’t it?

4. To extend your culture

When you travel to another region, you will immerse yourself in another way of living, eating, enjoying life. This is especially true when you live in a country with different states and climates. So you will not only be able to learn more about yourself but also about your own country and the richness of its culture. This is why I say that you don’t have to cross the borders to have a sense of adventure and discovery. Pay attention to the environment, exchange with the locals, act as if you were one of them during your stay instead of a tourist. You will hence be able to extract the maximum of benefits from that experience.

5. To get some inspiration

The fact that you decided to leave your habits at home to embrace others even just for a couple of days is going to help you find some inspiration. When you come back ask yourself: how could you incorporate new habits in your daily routine? How could you feel adventurous in your “normal” life? How could you recreate this sense of peace at home?

This is a great personal development exercise. You did not only go on that city break for the sake of it or for nice pictures to post on social media. You are also in a process to improve yourself. And trust me, there is no particular age to start the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

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